A Basic Astral Projection Guide for Beginners

February 27th, 2010

At some point in your life, you will no doubt have come across the term “astral projection.” All human beings are capable of this act, and if you are curious as to its dynamics, and if it is actually possible, you first have to understand what it is in theory.

Simply put, astral projection is the act wherein a human’s soul is able to leave his or her physical body and travel to a different location. Through this basic astral projection guide, you will learn that the key to successful astral projection lies in two key factors:

(1) Your ability to compose yourself into state of complete relaxation in both mind and body; and

(2) Your ability to tune in to the proper astral projection frequencies.

This simple astral projection guide begins with positioning yourself in either of these two positions: (1) seated or (2) lying down. Or, if neither of the two feel right, then opt for a position between the two that will allow you to relax and get comfortable. Make a conscious effort to release all tension from your body, starting at your face, then your neck, moving on to your shoulders, then your arms, moving downwards throughout the rest of your body.

After you’ve cleared all tension from your body, the next step is to focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it in for several counts. Then, release your breath through your mouth slowly, focusing on increasing your state of relaxation.

Once you’ve achieved a state of relaxation, the next thing to do would be to focus on your desire to astral project. Visualize leaving your physical body, and exploring your surroundings with your astral self. Leave behind all fears and apprehensions with regard to leaving your physical self behind, and focus on the experience.

By using this you may or may not be successful on your first attempt, so do not be disappointed if you don’t successfully shift your consciousness to your astral body. Just keep practicing, and you will eventually be able to master the technique.

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